GEER - Healthcare

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  • Be a Maryland resident
  • Be legally eligible to work in the US
  • Have their employment status affected by COVID – this includes a job loss, reduction in hours, unstable employment, or challenges finding new employment
  • Be enrolled in or ready to enroll in a GEER approved course
  • Be in good standing with all PGCC accounts
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    Courses that are eligible for the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funding in the Healthcare pathway include:
    Certified Nursing Assistant
    HES 544 Certified Nursing Assistant Theory
    HES 417 Certified Nursing Assistant Clinical
    Patient Care Technician
    HES 706 Patient Care Technician – Part 1
    HES 707 Patient Care Technician – Part 2
    EKG Technician
    HES 663 EKG for Health Professional: Part 1
    HES 691 EKG for Health Professional: Part 2
    Medical Billing
    HES 409 Introduction to Medical Billing
    HES 553 Computerized Medical Billing
    HES 321 Physician Office Billing
    HES 684 Advanced Medical Billing
    HES 354 Medical Terminology
    HES 554 Human Anatomy
    Medical Office Assistant
    HES 354 Medical Terminology
    HES 586 Professionalism in Healthcare
    HES 396 Medical Administrative Assistant
    HES 322 Medical Office Assistant: Prac. Applic.
    HES 418 Phlebotomy Technician
    HES 469 Phlebotomy Technician: Clinical 1
    HES 470 Phlebotomy Technician: Clinical 2
    HES 468 Phlebotomy Technician: Refresher
    Dental Assisting
    HES 491 Dental Assisting Externship
    HES 690 Dental Assisting Part 1
    HES 708 Dental Assisting Part 2, Radiography
    HES 702 Expanded Functions, General Chairside Assistant
    Pharmacy Technician
    HES 332 Pharmacy Technician
    HES 529 Pharmacy Technician Clinical- Part 1
    HES 530 Pharmacy Technician Clinical- Part 2
    Physical Therapy
    HES 492 Become a Physical Therapy Aide
    HES 493 Physical Therapy Aide Clinical
    Veterinary Assistant
    VET 315 Veterinary Basic Skills
    VET 316 Veterinary Assistant Clinical
    VET 317 Veterinary Assistant Training Pt. 1: Outpatient Care
    VET 301 Veterinary Assistant Training Pt. 2: Diagnostics & Pharmacy
    VET 318 Veterinary Assistant Training Pt. 3: Patient Care and Treatment
    VET 319 Veterinary Assistant Training Pt. 4: Surgery, Anesthesia, and Emergency Care

Supplemental Questions
  1. Social security number:
  2. Are you a Maryland resident?
  3. Are you an employee or dependent of an employee at Prince George's Community College?
  4. Has your employment status been affected by COVID – this includes a job loss, reduction in hours, unstable employment, or challenges finding new employment
  5. Are you registered for a class specified in the Healthcare pathway?
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