WDSS-Human Resource Management

Must meet below minimum requirements:
1. Maryland resident
2. Must register for one of the following courses:
MGT 338 (Managing Conflict: A Professional Approach)
MGT 564 (Ethics in Human Resources)
MGT 647 (Managing Employee Performance)
MGT 648 (Successful Recruitment, Selection, and Placement),
MGT 667 (Introduction to Compensation)
MGT 668 (Introduction to Employee Benefits)
MGT 720 (Creative Thinking and Innovation Techniques)
MGT 727 (HR’s Role in Organizational Development and Change Management)
MGT 728 (Principles of Human Resources Management)
MGT 731 (Human Resource Law)
MGT 734 (HR’s Role in Creating a Positive Work Environment)
MGT 735 (Managing Generational Diversity in the 21st Century Workplace)
Important Guidelines
1. Students must have a valid social security number and meet at least one of the Maryland residency requirements. PGCC reserves the right to adjust or cancel your scholarship at any time if it is determined that you do not meet the qualifications.
2. The MHEC Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship funds are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Applying for the scholarship does not guarantee an award.
3. Scholarship recipients will be notified with an award letter.
4. Scholarship awards must be used in the award year (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021).
5. Scholarship funds can only be used to pay for tuition, fees, and associated costs of attendance (books, equipment) for classes in eligible course series.
6. Students should not expect refunds of unused grant amounts.
7. Students must keep the college informed of any relevant name, address and phone number changes that will affect our ability to contact you.
8. All scholarships are managed and awarded in accordance to the Maryland Higher Education Commission’s prescribed guidelines and PGCC college policy.

Office of Student Services
Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship may only be applied towards MGT 338, MGT 564, MGT 647, MGT 648, MGT 667, MGT 668, MGT 720, MGT 727, MGT 728, MGT 731, MGT 734, and/or MGT 735. Do you agree to this requirement?
  2. As a condition of receiving the Maryland Higher Education Commission Scholarship, do you pledge to remain drug free for the full term of the award. Unlawful use of drugs and alcohol may endanger your enrollment in a Maryland college, as well as your Maryland financial aid award. Do you agree to this pledge?
  3. By submitting this application, you must certify that all of the information provided in the application is true to the best of your knowledge. You understand that the Prince George’s Community College reserves the right to adjust or cancel any scholarship awards based on your failure to comply with the guidelines, and you will be financially responsible for any payments accrued as a result of any adjustments. Do you agree?
  4. Documents needed to prove that student is lawfully residing in the United States. Provide one document from the following options: *United States Birth Certificate *Maryland Enhanced Driver’s License or Identification Card (Must be issued after January 1, 2019. Enhanced Driver’s License includes a star on the top right corner) *Permanent Resident Card *United States Passport or Passport Card *Certificate of Naturalization *Certificate of Citizenship *Proof of Asylum Refugee status: I-94, I-94A, or Temporary Form I-551 Note: All documentation must be unexpired.